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Message from Antennas Direct:

Our products and service are the best in the industry. We are so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase that we back them with one of the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees and our staff, the Connection Crew, will personally help you select the right product. You will always get a real person on the phone!

Why do so many people choose Antennas Direct?

· All of our antennas come with a lifetime warranty
· Exclusive designs have the highest success rates in the industry
· The Connection Crew will help you select the right antenna
· We offer same-day FREE shipping with FedEx/USPS on orders over $49.99 within the contiguous United States.

How We Got Started:
In 2000, Richard Schneider, a home theater enthusiast, was fed up with the state of over-the-air technology, so he began tinkering with building antennas in the basement of his St. Louis suburban home. At the time, he thought he could have a hobby that would pay for the cost of a new projector (without his wife finding out), and he launched Antennas Direct® in 2003, with the goal of selling roughly 20 antennas per month. With millions of antennas sold and dozens of patents later, Richard’s hobby has changed the game of HDTV antenna technology.

Richard no longer has to hide his tinkering from his wife with a successful business under his belt and he has a team of amazing nerds on hand to support his passion. As an industry leader, and someone who is not afraid to say what's on his mind, Richard has been featured many times as a HDTV antenna and cord cutting expert.