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Message from Gardeners Supply:

GARDENER'S Supply was founded in 1983 by a handful of enthusiastic Vermont gardeners. Today, we serve millions of gardeners nationwide, offering everything from seedstarting supplies and garden furniture to flower supports and garden carts. Though our company has grown, we remain passionately committed to providing garden-tested, earth-friendly products that will help our customers have more fun and success in their gardens.

Gardener's Supply is proud to be employee-owned. We are gardeners ourselves and have earned our customers' trust by providing high-quality products, expert information and friendly, personalized service.

We understand the products that we sell because we use them in our own gardens. Regular product training sessions and a gardening certification program for our staff help us to provide the best service and support in the business.

At our headquarters in Burlington, VT, you can check out our store and stroll through our 3-acre display gardens. We also offer local seminars and special events throughout the year.
Innovative Gardening Solutions

Gardener's Supply provides garden-tested solutions for most every gardening challenge. We work with customers, market gardeners, universities, manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world to design and introduce innovative gardening products, such as self-watering planters, flower and vegetable supports, composters, rain barrels, grow lights, professional growing mediums, organic fertilizers and much more.

We have our own research and development team and maintain a half-acre test garden. We also have a manufacturing facility in Vermont, where we produce garden carts, raised beds, light gardens and many of the other products we offer.