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Our Motto: "Real People, Great Products"
Unlike other websites that prefer to automate the sales process and minimize their payroll, we have a staff of real people who are experts at the products we sell and who's main goal is to provide you with an unparalled level of knowledge and customer service. Most of our experts have been with us for 10 to 20 years or more, so we trully are professionals at what we do. In addition, many of the products you will find on our site are not run of the mill items found at home centers and department stores, but quality items found at a few high end specialty stores and botiques across the country. If you appreciate great customer service and want quality products in your home, you will enjoy the benefits of doing business with Hansen Wholesale. Hence our motto: "Real People, Great Products".

The Worlds Greatest Ceiling Fans!

Our History - "Online Since 1994!"
We originally started our business in 1976 operating several exclusive ceiling fan specialty stores in the Southern California area. Over the years we added lighting, gas logs, fireplace accessories and many other home decor products to our showrooms. When we launched our first website in 1994, we were the very first company to sell ceiling fans and gas logs online. We have literally been on the internet longer than Google or Bing! Because of our success online, we eventually closed our retail showrooms so we could focus exclusively on making this website the very best of its kind. We have poured our decades of knowledge and experience into this website and you will find information and resources here that you cannot find anywhere else. Yet after all is said and done we have not forgotten our roots...we truly are "The Worlds Greatest Ceiling Fans" (see picture at right).

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