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Message from Heirloom Wooden Toys:

We warmly welcome you to Heirloom Wooden Toys, just as if you have stepped through the door of a delightful wooden toy store! High quality wooden toys are our specialty, along with other enduring wooden creations meant to stimulate imaginations and create happy, comfortable environments for little ones.

With the latest online shopping efficiency you can quickly browse through thousands of enchanting choices by age, gender, price or theme to find just what you’re looking for. For quick details on using our guided search, see the information box further down this page.

If babies could talk, they would rave about the fun they have with lasting wooden toys like our heirloom rattles with chew-safe finishes that provide enjoyment of touch, sight, sound, and movement. Toddlers love wooden pull toys, puzzles and little red wagons that their own children may ride in some day. You’ll find these and more under Toys tab above.

Looking for something memorable for pre-schoolers in your life? A proven favorite is The Learning Tower, noted as one of 100 BEST Children’s Products by Dr. Toy. It’s a safe wooden platform that elevates children from 18 months to 5 years to reach projects at countertop levels, adjustable to grow with your child. And it does double-duty in the imagination department—you can add a Playhouse Kit, that transforms the sturdy wood unit into a versatile playhouse, to be used as a doll house, puppet theatre, drive-thru or lemonade stand!

We have bigger wooden ‘toys’, too. If you live in the snow belt, the appeal of our wooden runner sleds will make you relive your childhood memories on the slickest hill in town. Check out the Classic Flyer, modeled after the old Flexible Flyer that was so strong it refused to break, made with thick kiln-dried planks of beautiful northern birch.

For endless indoor play, we highly recommend our up-to-date play kitchens in natural, pastel or bright designs to complement your decorating scheme and the personality of your tiny chef. They make the perfect centerpiece for a really great playroom. We have futuristic little kitchen units that look like they came right out of "The Jetsons," made with sweeping curves, lots of appliances, and styling that allows for several children to play on both sides at once. Or, you may prefer the classic “Little House on The Prairie” look of the ever-popular Elves and Angels Wooden Toy Kitchen Sets, masterfully handcrafted in Northern Maine from solid northern white pine. All edges are smoothly rounded for beauty and safety, and the natural wood is protected with a finish of Elf Oil, a food-grade linseed oil that is absolutely child safe and non-toxic.

If you’re searching for wooden children’s furniture, some unique most-purchased items are the colorful and artistic furniture that expresses timeless décor themes, such as our Safari Rocker, Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box and Stacking Moon and Stars Wooden Book Shelf.

While you’re browsing, don’t miss the great wooden gift items for adults…from carved wooden coasters to lifetime-guaranteed mantel clocks and nostalgic block letters to spell out a name to accent a whimsical or traditional room design.

Our motto is Quality Delivered, with a supporting foundation of attentive personal service. Our own children and those of our staff - six of them ranging in age from zero to 16 - inspired us to start Heirloom Wooden Toys and are very happily ‘employed’ as product testers and quality control specialists! This has given us valuable first-hand knowledge of many of our products which we’re glad to share with you.