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What is and who came up with the word "plunge" anyway? Just to be sure you didn't have any doubts - we plunge prices, not toilets. We leave that to the professionals! is the place where all the savvy shoppers come to hang out. We offer tons of amazing deals on just the kind of products you're looking for. is not just some place to shop - it's more like an addiction.
But wait, aren't there enough shopping sites out there? Yes, way too many... and that would be a problem, but we're not like the other daily deal sites. Check us out, we're different. Yeah, we know, you've heard that line before, but it's true. We don't waste your time with thousands of deals - we are dedicated to curating the best possible offers.

From plunging prices, unique products, and quick shipping, to superior customer service - it's what our parent company, SpaceBound, has been doing for over 27 years.